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Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 21 December 2014

We got a healthy pullback in the equity markets but this week’s smoking-hot rally has taken prices right back to the unhealthy, over-extended levels where we started. Santa may give us a few more days of upward action going into year’s end but we should be careful taking new long positions.

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 14 December 2014

The ugliness in Oil continues. Last week it looked like support around $65 might hold but this week we can see that price has dropped well below this support. Next targets are $54 at the blue median line extension and $50 at the red extension. MACD and Stochastics are giving no indication that the price plunge is nearing an end.

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 7 December 2014

The mid-cap segment of the market accounts for 35 to 45% of the NYSE-listed stocks and the small caps make up another 45 to 55%. We have rising 50 day moving averages in both of these segments so 80% or more of the market has an upward bias at this point. Santa Claus rally anyone?

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 30 November 2014

Governments and central banks can run the fiat currency printing presses and manipulate statistical economic data but they can’t force human beings to consume energy. As the demand for energy decreases the price of that commodity decreases – this is classic demand-supply economics and perhaps it is less subject to manipulation than other economic markers.

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