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Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 23 November 2014

One of the likely effects of debasing a national currency is to have a rising stock market. Zimbabwe’s equity market was the best performer on the planet just before their currency became worthless. How much is a share of stock worth when the currency it is priced in has zero value?

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 16 November 2014

The lower median line extension of the modified-Schiff fork (dashed blue lines) did not hold price and oil has dropped to test the support around $74. Notice that price is now inside a descending triangle formed by the median line of the red Andrews fork and the horizontal support at $74. Descending triangles, if this one continues to develop, are usually continuation patterns and the continuation in this case would be downwards. Support at the lower median line of the red fork is around $65.

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 9 November 2014

After the triple-bottom in Gold was broken people puked their precious metals stocks into the market. This move took price back to the 2008 low where buyers stepped into the fray. 

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 2 November 2014

On Friday Japan announced that they are going to kick their printing press into high gear. It’s amazing – 25 years of Keynesian economics hasn’t accomplished anything in Japan so they are going to up the dosage. Of course at this point all of the Western economies are living on printing press money so if the US Fed is serious about ending QE one of the other central banks will have to take up the baton – cue the Japanese …

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