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COMEX Gold - 18 September 2014

Gold is still heading for the lower median line of the Andrews pitchfork and the $1200 round-number. We might see some support at that point but a test of the double-bottom seems likely. 

COMEX Gold - Moving Sideways - 19 August 2014

Gold finally broke above the upper median line of the down-trending Andrews pitchfork. Now it is moving sideways between the $1350 resistance level and the lower median line extension of the blue pitchfork. Not very exciting.

E-Minis & Equities Blog
YHOO - Yahoo - 19 September 2014

Yahoo is showing some weakness on the day of the Alibaba IPO. The current price target is the upper median line extension and the red ellipse. The price advance backed-off, however, and now YHOO is playing with support at the level of the prior high. Today's action is likely to be volatile - be careful out there.

AAPL - Apple Inc. - daily price chart - 19 August 2014

We are waiting for Apple to break above $100 before looking for a trade in this vehicle. If the overall markets continue to rise we are likely to see that breakout.

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Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 28 September 2014

We need to trade the markets in front of us and not the markets we expect or believe we should be seeing. If you lean to the bearish side these days it can be challenging to take bullish trades. The SPX and MDY charts, however, are suggesting that prices could bounce higher in the coming week. Let's look at some charts now with the idea that we will trade this rebound to the upside.

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 21 September 2014

Alibaba had an exciting first day of trading. Price shot out of the gate and zoomed to just below $100. It is amazing how round numbers like 100 often serve as resistance and support levels. From there BABA dropped to its low of the day just below $90 before starting to climb higher again. Notice how price finished the day at the upper median line of the modified-Schiff pitchfork and the 38.2% retracement level of the high-to-low range. 

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 14 September 2014

This week we're going to look at the NYSE Advance / Decline line along with the small, mid and large-cap segments of the equity markets as part of a methodology for monitoring the equity markets.

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 7 September 2014

Last week's action is not what we were expecting from the precious metals sector. We were assuming that Gold and the mining stocks would start September with a break higher, not lower. The metals have been in beat-down mode for three years now. This cyclical bear market is getting long in the tooth and will end at some point. When it does we'll be ready to participate. Until then, keep some powder dry.

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