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Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - Gold Update - 1 March 2015

We continue to get mixed signals from the precious metals sector. A few of the mining stocks are looking bullish while the mining indexes remain fairly bearish. Gold looks somewhat bullish in the daily timeframe but the weekly chart is bearish. These mixed signals may be part of a bottoming process but after three years of relentlessly lower prices caution remains the order of the day.

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - 22 February 2015

The PSAR indicator is smarter than I am. Last week I did a three part analysis of the HUI index detailing all the reasons that price should find support at its current level and turn higher. Price ignored my in-depth analysis and headed lower.

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - Precious Metals Update - 15 February 2015

We reviewed the charts of more than 100 junior miners this week and found two that we especially liked. When the precious metals finish their bear cycle and return to bull mode, the junior miners are likely to zoom higher. As the saying goes, even pigs fly in a high wind. The better performing juniors today should be the price leaders in a rally.

Pitchfork Playground Newsletter - Precious Metals Update - 8 February 2015

The precious metals and the mining stocks remain in a long-term downtrend. We may be seeing the beginning of a new bull phase but caution is warranted. The sector became overbought in recent weeks and we are seeing a pullback. Price will show us where it wants to go next as the current decline plays out and finds support. If you are accumulating on weakness stick with the relative strength leaders. 

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